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Katie. Sometimes called "Katiejack" or "KJ". All are fine. This is due to the popularity of my name. I'm 25 years old. From Ohio. I consider myself asexual. I love my fandoms, but don't take them seriously. If you can't make fun of it or have fun with it, don't bother with me. I will mock the things I love. Sci-fi, comics, cartoons, animanga, and British television fan. Digs Super Sentai. I probably ship it if it exists, I have no limits, personally. I like random movies. I play random video games. I roleplay. I draw. I write. I enjoy cooking and eating. I watch television. And I work. I collect action figures. I love dolls. ...And am easily distracted.

( fandom. )
Doctor Who. Torchwood. Super Sentai. Gokaiger. Shinkenger. Dekaranger. Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider W. Kamen Rider OOO. Misfits. Final Fantasy 7. Final Fantasy 13. Nolanverse Batman. Batman: TAS. Batman. Superman. Smallville. The Flash. Spiderman. Iron Man. Silver Surfer. Justice League. Young Avengers (AS). Invincible. Soon I Will Be Invincible. Black Jewels Trilogy. Monster. Axis Powers Hetalia. DOGS. Dexter. Gurren Lagann. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Iron Man. Star Trek: ToS. Star Trek: TNG. Star Trek (Newverse). Inception. Heroes. Eden of the East. Glee. Community. Raising Hope. Top Chef. Chopped. Face Off.

A complete list here with shiplist.

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AIM: Hoshino Masako » Always introduce yourself.
Plurk » agalio

My journal is not friends only, just drop me a line so I know who you are. ♥

( plug & play. )
cityofdesai » A panfandom roleplay within a city.
    ☆Captain Jack Harkness
ilpromenade » A panfandom roleplay within dreams.
    ☆Captain Jack Harkness, Simon Bellamy, Azula
laceurs » An OC Roleplay
    ☆Gioco Latiolais, Bryden Brigham, Eison Wilkins, Caiden Abrey, En Mason
dramadramaduck » A panfandom roleplay on the internet.
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babylonwood » A panfandom fantasy roleplay.
    ☆Captain Jack Harkness

lookashinyicon » Iconing community.
somecoolzombie » Fanfiction.
lostoftypos » Musebox for play.

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, aang, agito/akito, air gear, aizen, akira/agito, amelda, anime, anime conventions, ankh, art, avatar: the last airbender, avenue q, azula, bakuman, bakura, bishoujo, bishounen, bleach, books, bou/john, captain marvelous, chef ramsey, cid, cid raines, cid/rygdea, claus, claus/lucas, cloud, computers, dc, doc, dogs: bullets & carnage, drabble, durarara, earthbound 2, eiji, fandom crack, fang, fang/vanille, final fantasy 13, final fantasy 7, final fantasy vii, final fantasy xiii, franz ferdinand, frou frou, ghost hunt, gin, gin/kira, giovanni/haine, gokaiger, gravitation, greed/giovanni, gurren lagann, gurren-lagann, hallelujah/grimmjow, haru wo daiteita, hell's kitchen, hentai, hope, hope/snow, ikki/akito, ino/sakura, internet, izaya, kamen rider, kamen rider ooo, kamen rider w, kankuro/tenten, katara, kenpachi, lexaeus/matt, lightning, lin/bou, lin/naru, lin/shibuya, lucas, lucas/claus, mai/masako, manga, marvel, matt/shion, migi, mother 3, movies, music, musicals, naruto, ouran, parasyte, philip, pikachu, pit, psychology, purgatorium, ra, reading, renji, reno, rent, roleplay crack, rufus, rufus shinra, rygdea, rygdea/cid, sano/kazu, sephiroth, shinra, shoujo ai, shounen ai, shoutaru, slash, snow/hope, sokka, spitfire/ikki, spitfire/nue, suigetsu, super sentai, super smash brothers brawl, tamaki/haruhi, tatsumi/tsuzuki, tengen toppa gurren-lagann, the fray, tifa, top chef, toph, uchihacest, vanille, vanille/fang, video games, viral, viral/kamina, wicked, wolfram, wonderwice, writing, yaoi, yoruichi/soi fong, yu-gi-oh, yuri, zuko

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